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Funding solutions for business

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Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase gives you the flexibility to spread the cost of your finance over a fixed period, without the need to pay a large up-front payment. At the end of this period, you have the option to purchase the asset outright.

Benefits include immediate access to the assets you require for your business, spreading the cost between 12 and 84 months, match cash flow timings with an agreed payment structure and improves tax efficiency as interest and charges can be offset against per-tax profits.

Diggers on Construction Site
Delivery Van

Finance Lease

Finance Lease gives you access to the assets they need in return for a regular rental amount, avoiding the cost or commitment of ownership. With finance lease, the monthly rentals count as a monthly expense rather than an owned asset on a balance sheet. The rentals attract VAT which can be tax efficient for you.

Benefits include quick access to new or high specification hard assets, retain cash reserves, set monthly instalments with minimal upfront cost, spread the cost of the VAT over the term, VAT can be reclaimed on the repayments, repayments can be offset against profits for tax efficiency, you have the ability to regularly upgrade your assets and you may be able to sell the asset and receive a rebate from the sale proceeds.

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Refinance can help you unlock cash in your existing hard assets for purchasing new equipment, reducing monthly outgoings, or funding business growth. If you use commercial vehicles, equipment, or machinery, then refinance will allow you to borrow sums of money which are secured against your hard asset’s value. Refinancing is a very popular finance option because it frees up working capital on assets that are already being used whereas most traditional types of financing are based on brand new vehicles, equipment, or machinery.

Benefits include freeing up capital when required, use your current assets instead of new ones, cash can be reinvested into further asset growth, protects against asset depreciation and you are able to set affordable monthly instalments.

Heavy Machinery Parking Area
Gym Equipments

Asset Finance

Asset Finance is a term used when describing a particular funding product that enables you to acquire machinery, vehicles, equipment, or technology. We appreciate the significance of access to the right assets in propelling business growth which is why we have various options available to you. Our asset finance solutions are structured to empower businesses with the necessary funding to attain the asset required to remain competitive in your respective industries.

Benefits include capital preservation ensuring your cashflow remains strong and can be utilised in other areas of the business, numerous tax benefits, adaptable repayment schedules, access to cutting-edge equipment, and predictable repayment costs.

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Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages are used to acquire a wide variety of properties that can be used in numerous sectors. We have partnered with some of the most competitive commercial mortgage providers in the UK to ensure you receive the best rate possible based on your circumstances. Some of the areas we can support your business include commercial investment mortgages, commercial owner-occupier mortgages, portfolio refinance, marketing leading loan-to-value options, expats and foreign nationals, mixed commercial and residential mortgages, and commercial premises with apartments.

Commercial Buildings
Crane Construction

Property Development

Property Development finance can be extremely useful for any property investor or developer. We work with some of the leading providers of property development finance in the UK which allows us to scour the market to find the best rates and terms. Independent and tailored advice from our partners that boast over 20+ years of experience in financial services, construction and development who understand the capital stack.


Senior debt funding up to 80% of GDV and 90% of costs with support for commercial and mixed-use developments. We can provide loans equivalent to 70-80% of the estimated GDV of the project, however, for experienced developers, and if additional security is made available, we can often provide funding up to 100% of all site purchase, development, and finance costs. We can also introduce you to Mezzanine Loans secured on a second charge to provide any additional funding.

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